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  • Relax

    Since starting to gather work for this site, I began to think about just how much had been created over the last few months and years and the people that we collaborated with. The energy, laughs, nervousness and excitement over new directions and ideas. The setbacks and the successes. But in the end, it’s always about delivering an experience on time, that met and exceeded our clients expectations, and a job well done. 

    Then it struck me that after a given project is delivered, we rarely take the time to relax, celebrate and appreciate what was accomplished. We just think about “whats next.” Maybe it's a symptom of the world we live in. The "creative" world. When sports teams win a championship, they celebrate. When a new ship is launched, they celebrate. When an olympic competitor crosses the finish line first, they jump for joy, wrap a flag around their shoulders and take a victory lap. I thought, when was the last time we took a victory lap? Or just sat back and relaxed to enjoy the moment of what we had accomplished before moving on to the next assignment?  We have become so accustomed to "what's next" that we sometimes forget to celebrate the accomplishments that we as creative people, put our hearts and souls into on a daily basis. 

    Its time to wrap that flag around our shoulders, thrust a fist into the air and take that well deserved victory lap, then sit back for a few and just appreciate what it took to get there.