Frank Xavier Doyle    Founder  / Creative Director

I grew up on the beaches of New Jersey, lifeguarding, painting boats, playing hoops and working at surf shops all summer long. I was lucky to hang around some of the most intuitively creative, artistic, laid back individuals you could ever meet.  While absolutely inspiring, my parents and the Brothers at prep school told me I needed to learn to put my creativity to good use....So I graduated from Northeastern University in Boston with a degree in marketing and a minor in Fine Art. and have been engaged in all aspects of brand leadership and design ever since, including creative direction, brand development, identity, naming, UX UI design, digital design, print, animation, packaging, and advertising. (and still manage to shape a few boards now and then)  

My creative mentors were simple in their style but deep in their thoughts. I learned to appreciate keeping it simple verbally while conveying the important messages visually.  Einstein once said (probably more than once) "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." I can't argue with that.

As the Senior Creative Leader at Silicon Graphics, I was busy buiding an award winning in-house creative group of 45 designers most of the time, and delivering "simply, stunning creative" the rest of the time. (not my words) Since venturing out on my own, I have been involved with a wide variety of clients ranging from Netscape and Shutterfly to Disney, Pepsi, Nestle and recently the Washington Nationals. 

I am inspired by, and work extensively with, non-profits as well, including Roots of Peace, The Walden Woods Project, The Trust for Public Land and The Global Fund. Sometimes, to my amazement, my energy and enthusiasm have not gone unrewarded, my work has received honors from American Graphic Design, The Western Art Directors, Print, Graphis, ID Magazine and the Icon Awards. 

I am always looking ahead and inspired by possibility.